Parents Overjoyed To Learn They’re Having Twins After Infertility Struggle After Sweet Years Together

Nikki Bertola, 34, a full-time employee of an online education provider, and her husband Lance, who was born and raised in Utah, are both elementary school teachers in Mount Pleasant. After a year of dating, they got married in the fall of 2010 and continue to share precious moments. Lance also has a beautiful kid from a previous marriage. They never could have anticipated how lovely and happy their marriage would be. Up until she experienced her first miscarriage, everything was going perfectly. Before that, she didn’t consider having children to be challenging for her.

They have to put up with the misery and demoralization of infertility after many years. having tried drugs, done medical procedures, and suffered recurrent miscarriages and unsuccessful outcomes. They are seeking for novel approaches to getting pregnant. Never stop talking about miracles and hope in life. They attended support groups and therapy sessions, tried participating in hobbies they enjoyed, and ultimately decided to try IVF. They received their test results on Nikki’s birthday in December 2014, and they discovered they were expecting! An unexpected miracle has happened after much work. They are excited and concerned that they might miscarry again, like they did with their previous pregnancy.

At the seven-week mark in January, Lance had his ultrasound. I was apprehensive on the ultrasound day. I purposefully covered my face as the screen was brought closer to me because I was afraid to witness a dead baby. We continue to experience a healthy pregnancy, and we are overjoyed that all of our goals and aspirations have come true. She delivered well and had a healthy pregnancy. Lance makes a note of the process. She is overjoyed since it not only demonstrates that they have a baby with a heartbeat, but also that they have two kids!

We’ve never traveled this far, so having a baby with a heartbeat was a first for us. When our hopes and dreams came true, we had a successful pregnancy, and we were overjoyed. Landon and Zachary, our twins, are great. The twins, who are now 2.5 years old, are growing up quickly. So far, raising children has been a crazy experience, but it’s also been a lot of fun and pleasurable.

Our family is also really grateful that we were able to add another child to our family. Our youngest, Reece, just turned five months: she said

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