The Woman, Who Was Born Without A Womb, Gave Birth To A Miracle Baby At Age 29

Niomi Allan, 29, was given the diagnosis of Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser (MRKH) syndrome after her mother urged she get an MRI because she thought something was wrong. Niomi, a native of North Lanarkshire, notes that despite the fact that the ladies in her family often begin menstruation at a young age, she never began her period. Carol’s mother took her to see a therapist after becoming convinced that something was wrong. The entire family was taken by surprise by the diagnosis. Only one in 5,000 women have MRKH syndrome, which prevents a woman from being able to carry her child on her own because she develops an ovary and an egg but lacks a cervix or uterine. Niomi was surprised but couldn’t say anything because she was so little to fully process what the diagnosis meant for her later on.

“I dealt with it by assuring myself it will be okay,” she added. I had a consultation with the doctor once, but all I stated was that I wanted to return to school and get back to normal. I was too young to fully comprehend the implications for my future. I merely remarked, “I can adopt.” I was very innocent. Niomi began working at a daycare when she was 18 years old, and despite some unfavorable reactions from her partner, she was upfront about her diagnoses as a child. Niomi met her lover Sam in 2015, and barely three weeks after they started dating, she told him about her problem since she liked him so much.

The couple chose to get married the following year after Sam’s response convinced Niomi that he knew she was the one for him. Seven years after her diagnosis, she recalled: “That’s when the MRKH practice truly hit. Although I’ve discovered the man of my dreams, the only way for us to have biological children of our own is through surrogacy. I can sense how big it all is. When the couple had a viable embryo via IVF, they started seeking for a surrogate. They sign up for online support groups, meet in person, and conduct extensive research before beginning the process.

There, according to Niomi, “we met a loving couple and their son and learned about their amazing Katie surrogate.”

After becoming a mother of two boys without any sons, Katie Lochrie of Norfolk decided she wanted to assist other couples. As soon as they spoke, Niomi and Sam liked Katie, and over the next two years, they developed a friendship. The pair first met Katie and her family in January 2020. “It felt like we had known each other before,” Niomi remarked of their first encounter. There is a very strong link. Therefore, we were overjoyed when Katie offered to be our surrogate.

Eliana Katie was born on July 27. Niomi said: “Watching the birth of my baby is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It’s like an out-of-body experience. To finally have my daughter in my arms is beyond words.”

Despite living hundreds of miles apart, the two families are still close. Katie said: “We are more than friends now. She is like my little sister.”

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