One In 200 MILLION Identical Triplets Are Born By A Woman In Her 32nd Year

A woman in her 30s who began experiencing menopause gave birth to identical triplets. Hollie Gambrel, who was 32 years old at the time, was diagnosed as perimenopausal after eight months of irregular periods and trying to conceive naturally. Hollie and David, a 34-year-old salesman couple from Texas, were committed to starting a family, even if it meant using an anonymous egg donor.

The couple is grateful to their friends and relatives for contributing the $30,000. The couple found the fertilized egg had split into three in September 2019; the likelihood of this happening was one in 200 million. Hollie, a teacher, is overjoyed that Rory, Ryder, and Rhett have reached their first birthday.

The couple began saving every penny they earned to fund the costly IVF treatment. Their generous friends and family have donated more than $15,000. In May 2019, Hollie selected a donor who had similar features like blonde hair and a sharp jogger build.

“I feel extremely blessed to have picked a donor,” she added. It’s wonderful to know that someone will donate their eggs so I can try to have a family. We have access to the profiles and images of various women that the doctor’s office has approved. I choose a blonde-haired woman who resembles me, however she has blue eyes, whereas I have brown eyes. She is similar to me in height, athletic ability, and athleticism.

On August 7, 2019, only one embryo out of 29 was transplanted. She said, “A blood test on August 16 revealed I was pregnant. Having waited two years for this outcome, we are overjoyed. However, there is no way to prepare for the news we learn at the four-week scan. We were amazed. I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t stop laughing. I think it’s a joke. David was speechless. It took a while for us to understand, but I was very happy. Pregnancy is the best thing ever. I have no problems other than a big belly. I gained 50 lbs but it’s fine.

Hollie was lucky enough to work up to 33 weeks before giving birth. They were born safe and healthy. They’re already in the NICU but they’re thriving. We are very grateful to everyone who has helped us on this journey. It’s worth it. I am grateful to the donor, all I have to do is look them in the eye and then I can see how much they love me. As soon as they’re old enough to understand, they’ll know a stranger helped bring them here

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