Secret Activities Of Babies In The Womb At Each Week Of Age

As the baby’s body parts form, it’s natural to move around in the womb. In addition to the baby kicking the ball in the womb, there are many other movements that are equally interesting and wonderful. Let’s learn some activities of the baby in the womb to better understand the baby before birth.

1.Babies start to have their first changes after the first three months of pregnancy, at 9 weeks they will have movements. But because the limbs are not fully developed, it will be light and the mother can hardly feel these movements.

2.When your baby hits the 16-week mark, the frequency of movement will increase dramatically. Your baby may move 50 times or more per hour. And at this point, I can clearly feel it. Movements such as stretching the body, moving the head from side to side as if exploring the world around. Or many children even cover their faces with their hands and put their hands in their mouths. These lovely actions cannot be felt by the mother, but only caught during the ultrasound.

3.At 20 weeks, when your baby has a certain development, then the baby will change his movements. With active babies, mothers often enjoy unexpected kicks, because when they grow up, the space for the baby to move will be less.

4.Many times you will find your baby not moving, but don’t worry. Because this will be the baby’s nap time. Your and your baby’s nap times may vary, and as you enter your pregnancy, you’ll find that your baby’s nap times stretch.

5.By the 32nd week of pregnancy, your baby’s sleep will be deeper 90-95% of the day. At other times, your baby will fall into a restless sleep due to the immature brain. And time is not clear.

6.At around the 36th week of gestation, babies would pass through sleep cycles alternating between deep and light sleep, which lasted about 70-90 minutes. Unlike in deep sleep, in light sleep your baby will move around a little and even suckle her finger or thumb.

7.Most mothers find sleeping on the left side convenient as it gives maximum comfort and also makes it effective for monitoring their babies. It also helps in ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ circulation, making your baby more active.

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