Mom Who’s 32 Weeks pregnant With Triplets Tries To induce labor By Dancing

It is believed that doing the dance can hasten labor. At the end of their pregnancies, many pregnant women perform this dance. So a mother is soon to give birth to triplets. But that doesn’t stop the mother from making a ridiculously adorable, hilarious dance video. Darik Hunter Chatwin, 29, and his wife Cara Chatwin, 29, are expecting three more children. The parents of this Utah couple are certainly keen to expand their family of six and already have a daughter named Gemma who is almost two years old.

She was 32 weeks pregnant at the time with three children, and as you can see, the infants appeared to be on the verge of delivery. The woman made the decision to participate in the Baby Mama Dance Challenge, a social media craze where expectant mothers dance to see if it will start labor. In a funny video, Cara can be seen dancing with Darik while sporting a pregnancy belly-baring outfit of black leggings and an Adidas crop top. Cara and her husband make some dramatic movements in the two-minute video titled “The Triplet Baby Mama Dance,” occasionally twisting as they dance.

She also manages to lower herself to the ground and mimics some of the lyrics throughout the video, fanning herself in the face when the tune mentions taking a break and tossing some bills in the air when talking about making money. . The clip quickly gained attention and has been viewed more than 39,800 times on YouTube, while hundreds of viewers took to the comments section to congratulate the soon-to-be couple and celebrate their dancing skills. While Cara joked that she was about to ‘go into labor’, the actual dance challenge wasn’t enough to get the triplets born.

She said: “It’s a dance a lot of pregnant moms do late in their pregnancy, so we thought we’d join in on the fun! I’m really surprised by how many people, especially other women, are so negative and blunt about me showing off my belly.

I want to celebrate my body because I’m proud of what it’s doing for these kids. Additionally, we have received a great deal of encouragement from folks who genuinely rejoice in our success. Sharing our excitement with others is nice! Gemma has provided us so much joy, and we are thrilled — and nearly overwhelmed — to have doubled the size of our family so rapidly and witnessed Gemma become her mother, the joyful mother continued. turn become a big sister. It makes sense that shortly after her Baby Mama Dance, Cara went into labor. Just 20 days have passed as Reese, Royal, and Wren return home. There will undoubtedly be many happy times for Cara, so expect a wild trip! No surprise, they want to celebrate with a family dance party. Props for them to share that celebration with the world.

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