Mom Was Completely Overwhelmed When Gave Birth Her Daughter’s Twin After Having No Idea She Was Pregnant With Two Babies

When doctors learned Lyndsey Altice, 30, and her husband Wesley, 33, from Wisconsin, were still in labor with their second child—a baby an ultrasound had failed to reveal—they were only then introduced to their daughter Ada Maze. There have never been any indications during her pregnancy that a second baby is growing inside of her. In July 2019, the couple, who already had a young boy named Django, met a second daughter named Billie June. Lyndsey can be seen sitting in the birthing pool gasping as her second kid is delivered in the couple’s stunning images of the twins’ birth that they have since released.

In order to ensure that her unborn child was healthy, Lyndsey monitored her weight throughout her pregnancy and underwent just one ultrasound. Because she doesn’t have a high “S,” she doesn’t have an ultrasound unless she also needs one, as if she senses something is wrong. Billie-June is still not visible on my ultrasounds. The majority of medical professionals advise expecting mothers to get at least two ultrasounds: one in the first and one in the third trimester.

However, some parents who prefer the ‘natural’ approach have chosen to have only one child at the end of pregnancy after having checked that the fetus is growing at a healthy rate. She recalls: ‘I immediately suspected when Ada was born so small, because I had doubled my weight since my previous birth so I didn’t understand how she could be so small. When I gave birth to my son Django a few years ago, he weighed 9 lbs and I gained less weight following him, so that was really odd. There are no words to describe how I felt when I realized I was going to have another baby at that moment.”

We were all a little perplexed by the nurse’s mistaken belief that it was a bag of water, which she had never saw before. Lyndsey was equally as shocked and overwhelmed as she was, as evidenced by her expression. Lyndsey feels prepared to discuss what transpired and explain that it was one of the biggest and finest surprises she’s ever had now that the twins are almost a year old.

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