The Touching Moment A Mom Cuddles Her Premature Baby For The First Time

When Natasha Bjork Johnson, 31, discovered she was 14 weeks early in giving birth, she was horrified. Doctors advised Natasha that her infant would not live after her little daughter Freya was born. The baby girl was found to have heart and chronic lung problems.

The first time you hold your child, your heart experiences a magical feeling that is special and emotional. If you’ve never felt it yourself, it’s difficult to explain how you feel. When a mother and child receive their first hug, it may happen immediately after birth in certain cases and later. Numerous infants are delivered prematurely, endangering their lives. They require particular, sensitive care. Weak beings unprepared for the harsh world…

Premature infants cannot survive on their own without special care since they are too little and undeveloped. Premature infants typically weigh between 600 and 2500 grams, with less than 500 grams being extremely rare. Their height typically ranges from 35 to 45 cm. A sequence of care is started for them as soon as they are born, but the neonatologists’ expertise is always the biggest factor in their survival. Of course, the little body also contains the determination to survive. A premature baby is one who is born before the mother has reached the 37th week of pregnancy, according to the World Health Organization.

For six weeks, she was monitored by neonatologists, the baby received constant care, and now the miracle has happened. She is now healthy and can deal with things a lot better. Natasha can now hug her daughter. The mother decided to capture this emotional encounter in a video, which she would later share with everyone. And record those happy moments to save for your children.

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