Mom Opens Up About Bullying Her Daughter With Birthmark On Her Face

The one-year-old girl received severe mockery or pity due to the unusual birthmark, and her mother could not accept this. She is persuaded that such a quality is not a flaw but rather a “angel’s kiss.” She now wants to demonstrate to everyone that wine stains are attractive and shouldn’t be covered up. Marianne Bowering, a 27-year-old beauty therapist who lives in Adelaide (Australia), is raising her daughter Angelica alongside her husband Corey. Even though the infant is only a year old, she already has admirers and detractors online, even if she is unaware of it.

Angelica actually has an odd purple birthmark on her face that was present at birth. This characteristic—also referred to as a wine stain, a fiery mole, or even an angel’s kiss—is caused by improper capillary development and positioning. These patches are among the most benign vascular diseases, according to doctors, because they don’t impact the internal organs. Wine stains can be found anywhere on the body, although they typically appear on the face. The baby’s mother told the Daily Mail that after they were certain the spotting was unrelated to any developmental delay and was not hurting her eyes, she and her husband were not at all concerned about their daughter. Angelica has no health issues and is checked periodically.

Marianna thought fondly of the stain on her daughter’s face and liked the boy’s moniker, “Angel’s Kiss,” over all the others. She thinks that a girl’s individual beauty should be displayed to the world, not kept quiet and concealed. To demonstrate that Angelica’s birthmark is not a defect, the mother even set up an Instagram page for her. “I believe it’s critical to educate the public about this predicament and normalize it in culture. People with these traits are extremely uncommon to see on TV or in the media.

Some of the humorous jokes on the baby’s page are disgusting. You shouldn’t keep your baby in the oven for an extended period of time, LOL. “Was her face forced into the pan?” “No guy would like her, and everyone would look at her and laugh at her. If this were my child, I would be very sad. Angelica’s face scares people, and commentators frequently claim that she will never find a boyfriend. Some people also fail to comprehend the motivation behind a mother putting her daughter on display and flaunting it.

Besides, many people expressed sympathy for the baby and his parents often gave shy compliments. “What I hate the most is when people tell me she can wear makeup when she gets older. Why should she hide it? I don’t want to hide my daughter from everyone because of this. I think she’s pretty.” Marianne was annoyed when Internet commentators wrote that her daughter was “beautiful anyway,” because such compliments mean “despite her flaws.” older girls, the woman will show her child that the “port wine stain” makes her beautiful and unique and that her distinctive appearance is something to be proud of Angelica.

However, this mother definitely believes in her daughter. “She is a brave little girl, and she is not afraid of anything. I’m sure she can handle anything. She is more than her birthmark. She is a human being.”

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