Incredible Birth Story Of A Sunshine Coast Mum Giving Birth To Triplets Naturally

Bianca Aiono Robertson hoped to give birth to her triplets naturally after learning of her pregnancy. Despite having some trepidation about having three children and experiencing a 43-hour labor with her for the first time, this is true. She and her husband Peter went through reproductive therapy to conceive their second child, but having more kids was always a possibility. The Sunshine Coast mother was somewhat taken aback to find that she was expecting triplets because she had only really been interested in the concept of twins. She remarked, “I felt both amazement and awe; it was bizarre.

Despite an early pregnancy test indicating Bianca would give birth to more than one kid, the scans revealed three children. “I should have been one to two weeks pregnant when I took the pregnancy test because it was the day before I had my period,” she said. In contrast to the customary three-minute wait, it occurs in two to three weeks nearly instantly. In addition, my progesterone levels were 106 this time compared to 30-40 the previous time. Within a few weeks of becoming pregnant, I became really ill. The doctors supported Bianca’s decision to give birth naturally because they had experience giving birth to triplets. Bianca is accustomed to pushing her body to its limits as a wellness coach and former athlete its limits and the power of keeping a positive mindset.

Doctors cautioned Bianca that she would not be able to hold Maverick, her toddler. They also advised her to stay at home and hire a full-time caregiver. None of it occurred, she affirmed. “In some ways, it was simpler than the first round since my body made the change more easily from athlete to pregnant than from mother of one to mother of four. Bianca claimed that, to some extent, her background as an athlete and wellness coach supported her during her pregnancy. She claims, “I have an extremely high pain threshold, and I am resilient to the point of being stubborn and a little naive. It was beneficial for me in that regard, but it also meant that my hopes were not met were a bit high. For example, I still think I look pregnant even though others think I’m huge! I was able to bear it until I found out how heavy I really was and then it got me thinking.

It greatly aided in maintaining a positive attitude and overcoming any challenges because mindset is very important. At 34 weeks pregnant, Bianca gave birth to her three children naturally on August 21 of last year. Within 25 minutes, Indiana Leilani, Dakota Mereana, and Hendrix Sione, weighing 3.19 kg, 2.95 kg, and 2.2 kg, respectively, were born. Dakota and Hendrix were in the butt and foot positions, respectively, as Indiana took first place.

Nine-hour labor, according to Bianca, was simpler than she had anticipated. For the purpose of allowing the kids to turn on their own if necessary, Bianca adds that she received an epidural as soon as her membranes were ruptured. The most challenging part was using all of the gas to induce labor with a balloon catheter. Even though the kids are younger, this is my second pregnancy, and this time I received an early epidural, I actually expected it to be much more difficult.

For the first 24 hours, I barely get a few seconds with the babies; the following day, I can cuddle with them more. “Holding two young girls at once, talking to my son, and then realizing that even though I was skin-to-skin with these babies, I still have a baby—it was a complete transformation. Other kids don’t have moms to look after. Before the group returned to Bianca, Peter, and brother Maverick, they spent 2.5 weeks together. It might be challenging to get into a pattern when you have four children under the age of four. It must be instinctive and adaptable, adds Bianca. It’s challenging since it’s quite uncommon to receive a break, like they’re hanging by a thread and one person will wake up as soon as the other goes to sleep and that happens all day.”

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