In Her Car, The Woman Gave Birth To Her Second Child

Gyl Thompson, a 29-year-old photojournalist from Nshville, was unable to take her son to the hospital so she carried him in the passenger seat of her Jeep. Five years ago, Gayla Thompson had a trouble-free delivery of her first child. Her broken son was delivered first, and then her son was born ten hours later. It was her third natural birth, she claimed. But she met up with other close friends when it was time to get ready for the arrival of her second kid, who was due on June 21. When asked about her delivery preferences, Nashville-based b-sed photographer Thompson, 29, replies, “I don’t want two or three epidurals.”

Of course, Thompson’s birth didn’t go as she had anticipated since the birth plan was just that—a plan. Carson, her second baby, was eventually born five days ago as she was traveling to the hospital. Although Thompson claims she had contractions the previous evening, she decided against coming to the hospital for two reasons. First of all, her youngest boy, who was too little to be admitted to the hospital, didn’t have a babysitter waiting in the wings. Her contractions don’t come in regular intervals; they could occur after two minutes, fifteen minutes, or even an hour. She made the decision to leave them out and assess her feelings in the morning because she wasn’t sure if those girlfriends were boyfriends. Thompson awoke the following morning and took a hot shower, then immediately realized she was going into lɑbor.

They soon started their journey to the hospital. Everything went smoothly up until a sudden traffic jam that stopped me in my tracks when Thompson and her husband were less than ten minutes from the hospital. Unmoving traffic. Her water breaks when they reach her traffic. Because she was traveling and attempting to remove the adult tissue in time for the delivery, Thompson placed it on before heading to the hospital. She begged her husband to cut the hose off when he attempted to drive through traffic to stop while also dialing 911. Thompson then began recording the speech while taking photos.

“I couldn’t free him till [my subsequent] event because he was stuck. EMT came and we started freaking out after 10 or 15 minutes a day.”

Additionally, she gave birth to Carson while driving her Jeep. Her spouse untied her son’s umbilical chord, which was twisted around, before coughing up some consoling sounds.

When the ambulance finally arrived. She was rushed to the hospital with Crson, where she gave birth to the placenta and received treatment for blood loss. Thompson claimed that she lost two liters of blood in addition to the one she lost in the Jeep. She says, “I didn’t even know it till the next day.” Now that Thompson and her baby are doing well, she can laugh at her situation. “It was a really crazy trip,” she recalls, adding that she and her husband now find Carson’s planned name, which was chosen before he was delivered by the roadside, humorous and very appropriate.

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