I Am Here!” Mother Posts An Adorable Photo Of Her Newborn Holding Her “Failed” Birth Control Device

Every pregnancy is a life-changing experience, and every kid is a miracle. However, some pregnancies are so unanticipated that it is fair to believe that more than one child is counted as having been born. Lucy Hellein’s experience was comparable, so she was determined to come up with a special way to honor her child’s birthday. Lucy Hellein’s birth was publicized, and it quickly went viral. The mother used an original approach rather than using a standard photograph of the newborn.

She shared a photo of the tiny miracle clutching the broken IUD in his tiny palm. It’s her way of sharing her experience when her birth control failed to stop her from getting pregnant. The way her son came to his mother was amazing. Doctors found her Mirena IUD hidden behind the placenta. In an Instagram post, Lucy explained that the birth of the baby was a “BIG surprise”.

The woman showed a photo of her 37 weeks pregnant belly and explained that she was among the 1% who ended up getting pregnant despite using the Mirena IUD. And these are rare cases, when mothers are not ready to be a mother or are not ready to welcome a new member. So I took measures to make myself feel more secure and confident. But little angels always have quite special ways of appearing for their parents. It is also a gift, an unexpected happiness for small families.

In this adorable photo taken just hours after being born, baby Dexter’s face is adorable as he holds the IUD in his tiny hand. Many people find the image quite humorous. One Instagram user, wrote: “What a sight! “,“What a moment!!!”,. While another added, “Wonderful boy!” He was like, “No IUD can stop me from entering the world!” Congratulations mom, dad and brothers and sisters!”

Lucy added that the baby was not born while the IUD was in place in the comments section. As a prank, a nurse placed it in his hand so they could take a photo. What a striking picture! Dexter, your new baby, is here! We think you still have a lot to surprise your parents with!

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