The Photo Of The Baby Being Born At Home While In The Amniotic Sac Surprised Everyone

When full term is exactly 41 weeks and 5 days Lisa, from the Santa Cruz Mountains, wants nothing more than to start labor and her plans for a water birth to proceed and perhaps to see her wish. her a birth caul come true. Eight hours into active labor, and after just 30 minutes of pushing, baby Juniper was born still in the amniotic sac! Check out these breathtaking photos of Lisa’s birth, taken by Santa Cruz Birth Photography.

During the birth of Juniper, Lisa, who was supported by her husband Stephen, 42, her daughter Finley, 2, and a midwife, spoke with BabyCenter about her pregnancy and labor. She stated to us via email that she didn’t find out she was pregnant until she was two months old. “I raised my first daughter until she turned two and she never had another period. People frequently tell me that I’m lucky, but in actuality, it only makes me feel off-balance and challenging. I saw my acupuncturist once a week to attempt to move my blood, and one time I mentioned that I was feeling weary and queasy, and she responded, “I doubt it.” You might want to get a pregnancy test, though I highly doubt it. The positive result was definitely a big surprise.”

My second child was “It’s simple,” Lisa says, adding, “I went to a great chiropractor every week, so I didn’t have sciatica with my first pregnancy. Despite not exercising much, I also didn’t gain as much weight as I did with my first pregnancy. Since my first pregnancy ended with a baby being born at 39 weeks, I was put off by going past my due date. I didn’t realize how stressful it would be. At 41 weeks and 5 days, Juniper was delivered at home, meeting the deadline by by two days.”

When questioned why she decided to give birth in water, she replied, “I initially tested positive for Group B Strep and giving birth in water will lessen the likelihood of the baby getting infected.” “A few days before delivery, I tried some at-home natural cures and got the same unfavorable effect. It’s simple to give birth in warm water, which is why I chose to do it. My body floats and I can’t take it anymore. The pressure has been released by my stomach.”


Lisa described the moment Juniper was delivered while still in the amniotic sac to BabyCenter, saying: “My midwife informed me that he was in the amniotic sac as soon as I forced his head out. I was astounded. I distinctly recall that, with my first pregnancy, I almost had to burst my amniotic sac in order to facilitate labor. She told us, and I put my hand on it right away. gently stroke her head.”

Describing what she felt was “smooth and soft”, the mother-of-two explained that her midwife tore the bag and it “seemed very fragile”. “The birth was amazing,” added Lisa, who now has incredible photos of her experience. “Women need to be given the opportunity to believe they can do what needs to be done.”

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