Despite Society’s Beauty Standards, I Was Always Proud And Loved My ‘Ugly’ Child

Everything is fine. Just keep it to yourself; there’s no need to tell anyone else (or, if it’s not your child, the parents shouldn’t be informed either). Eyes can tell when a newborn isn’t as beautiful as it should be! When he was born, my firstborn child was really tnnn. With a full head of golden straw-colored hair that was “perfectly cooked,” he was tasty and perfect. Eyes can tell when a newborn isn’t as beautiful as it should be!

After then, I had my second child. He certainly did resemble a crab that had been smashed. He had a conical-shaped head, retracted ears, and was obviously swollen. Being bruised and purple, he appeared to have had a night of heavy drinking. He was damnably ugliness; my child was ugliness!It in no way changes the fact that I thought highly of him. For newborns, birth is challenging. The problem is that most infants resemble old men or pelted rabbits. a conscio’s cabbage, perhaps… also a monkey…

Frequently, it takes many months for them to go from looking like crushed little monter to looking like adorable, shining little buttons. You may say that Hollywood is to blame for our preconceived notions of a newborn child.

He is our former CFO’s son. He is a complete imbecile right now. Back then, ugh Midwives allegedly passed him and said, “Ohhhh, you had a boy…” *crickets*

This nasty kid, who I don’t know, seems to have had a big night of drinking. He doesn’t find anything funny. This baby is Benjamin Button, and he can be seen getting ready for retirement on a golf course. Cheryl is the name of the baby, and she likes to scream at the neighbors’ kids whenever the ball flies over the fence.

If looks could kill, this child’s mother would already be dead.

It looks that this baby lives in a housing commission apartment. All he wants to do is watch Dr. Phil by himself after the kids next door stole his walking stick.

This child has seen tough. It’s true that some newborns lack beauty. My infant was abhorrent. However, most people grow out of it, and even if they don’t, it is undoubtedly character-building.

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