Couple Who Adopted Four Children Give Birth To Quadruplets Just Months Later

Marriage and raising kids is a roller-coaster ride. Life comes at you fast, and when you finally are on firm ground, your whole life has changed.

Jacob and Maxine Young can very much relate. The couple, who got married in 2016, went from having zero children to nine of them in just four years. They shared their story with Good Morning America.

Maxine has always wanted to adopt a child. She studied more about foster care and decided that she wanted to assist in any way she could, even if it was just for a short time. Jacob and Maxine were approved to be foster parents after two months of classes and paperwork.

Maxine, who pregnant during this period, stated that she gave birth to her son Henry in 2018 and later adopted four children, of which they her parents, in 2019.

Maxine Young was surprised when her pregnancy test came back positive in January after she said she didn’t think she’d be able to become pregnant without artificial insemination.

Maxine Young, who previously had a miscarriage, said that when she saw the result, she quite suspicious and asked her doctors if they anything saw different on ultrasound for the first 5 weeks.

“I just remember uncontrollably laughing and crying. We already had 5 children at home so this too much. But Jake and I decided we ready for this. From the first moment we realized I pregnant with quadruplets, we knew it would be difficult, but we thought we could handle it. I was staying at home and Jake worked in the oil and gas industry. His schedule was very full, but I was never alone at home 9 hours a day.”

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