Breastfeeding Journey Of A Mom With Triplets

Consider how difficult it would be to breastfeed three children. We met down with our supermom friend, Michelle, to ask her a few questions on how to properly breastfeed triplets because we were curious about what it’s like to breastfeed multiples. Michelle is a labor and delivery nurse who enjoys everything birth- and parenting-related as well as breastfeeding, so it’s only right that she was fortunate enough to have three adorable baby girls during her first pregnancy!

Were you shocked when you found out you were having triplets?

The biggest surprise of our lives occurred to us!Even though it runs in our family, it was nonetheless unexpected! They are already running all over our home!  Two of our girls share the same genes, and one. Your choice to breastfeed was it influenced by having triplets? How did you get ready to take care of three newborns following birth?

I knew I would need to keep my options open when deciding how to feed my triplets when I found out I was expecting them. I anticipated that my trio would arrive early, therefore I anticipated that pumping would be a part of my breastfeeding adventure. I began pumping as soon as I was able to after they were born 10 12 times each day! What was the infant’s feeding regimen during the first several days following birth?

After giving delivery, I spent the first three days pumping and getting as much skin-to-skin contact as I could. Through tiny feeding tubes, they took the milk I had produced for them. They weren’t strong enough to try breastfeeding until they were 2 weeks old, and they became wonderful tiny breast feeders! I would breastfeed each kid separately, and by the time I had finished with the third, it was almost time to resume feeding the first. This schedule prevented me from breastfeeding at every feed; instead, we alternated between bottles and breastfeeding.

Can you breastfeed more than one child successfully? What guidance would you offer a mother-to-be who is expecting twins or triplets?

It is definitely feasible! Joining support groups for breastfeeding multiples is crucial because it presents special difficulties. Many mothers breastfeed their multiples exclusively, while others alternate between breastfeeding, formula, and pumping. I breastfeed and pumped until my children were 5 months old, at which point I switched to only pumping until they were 14 months old. I was fortunate to have a lot of milk, but not all mothers do, and that’s okay. It’s crucial to keep in mind that a baby who gets fed regardless of how is a happy baby. For the first few months after birth, please provide any advice you have regarding feeding and sleeping routines.

The initial couple months are all but forgotten now! For the first several months, if one woke up at night to eat, I would wake them all up to eat until they began sleeping for longer periods of time. I discovered that using a hands-free pumping bra made it quicker and simpler to pump at night while giving the kids bottle feedings. I would place the girls on their boppy lounger pillows. Then everyone fell asleep faster again!

What piece of advise, if any, would you provide to parents of multiples?

It’s incredibly difficult to have multiples! But it’s also twice as enjoyable and extremely rewarding!!! It’s okay to not appreciate every moment at first because things become easier!

What are your top picks for babies with multiples?

Without a triple wagon and a triple table for meals, we would not have made it. The stroller was barely used! Additionally, we adored the three Boppy lounger pillows and bottle props.

Nursing several children? Utilize these Breast Comfort Packs to reduce breast sensitivity and pain while pumping. They can be used hot or cold, and heating them before pumping can increase your flow. I can attest that they save lives.

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