Birth At Home: Ten Photos From A Midwife And Photographer

Monet Nicole works as a midwife and a photographer. Her Instagram photos of births in the maternity ward, at home, even underwater have received thousands of likes. She has attended hundreds of deliveries.

Her photographs are notable because they are authentic. Because they accurately portray the labor and delivery procedure, she has more than 159 thousand followers on the well-known social network.

However, Monet doesn’t end there. She shares the feelings, ideas, and experiences of mothers who have given birth to their first, second, or third child through her posts.

The photographer recently shared six images of a mother giving birth at home. According to the young mother, she gave delivery in her own bed, exactly where she had slept and rested a few hours before.

They had slept and relaxed in this identical bed the night before. Then, in the wee hours of the morning, she started to give birth in this exact bed. After giving birth, they all gathered here in this bed to form a bond. to rest, nourish, and nourish.

Too simple, right? The bright mid-morning sun poured into their bedroom. There are still times when I’m sitting on the couch or resting in my bed… and I remember the day my baby was born in my house. There’s something very sacred and mundane about that fact, isn’t there? That we can be born in the very places we love, resting, fighting, cleaning and dancing… just like humans did millennia ago,” Monet wrote in her post.

The first hug Mom, dad, and the newborn cuddle in bed.

Dad kisses the newborn shortly after birth.

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