After Two Surrogate Mothers Gave Birth Simultaneously, Gay Fathers Have “Triplets”

The 44-year-old Danes Bjarke Damm and Lars Hansen claim to have had “triplets,” as it were, after the two midwives delivered three very identical girls at the time. A month apart, two of their friends offered to be the surrogate moms for the couple Ga, and as a result, their family finally grew to include three children at once. The first surrogate was Bjarke’s sister Pia, 42, and the second was Danielle McDavis, 40, a close friend of the couple.

The US was required for the artificial insemination of two women. In June 2017, Pia made her pregnancy known over FaceTime. Danielle announced she was pregnant two weeks after her third failed try, and two months later they discovered she was carrying twins. The couple quickly took three kids home after they were born in 2018, but they had to wait a long time before they could formally adopt them. We had a lot of fun and like seeing the kids pick up new skills. I’m so appreciative that I get to experience fatherhood.

We wouldn’t have the family we desired without Danielle and Pia. Before getting the implants, each had to go through three months of hormone therapy. Danielle repeatedly went through this before holding the twins. We will never be able to express how grateful we are to have these great people in our lives, Lars said of the family’s existence. Without receiving any financial assistance, Lars and Bjarke’s family spent over £50,000 on the wedding, which included the cost of an egg donor, travel to Connecticut, and lodging there. as a man for this purpose.

We all share the same desire for family as women,” said Bjarke. “It took us three years to become the legal parents of our children. I struggled for six months until I got six months of parental leave. The problem is that there isn’t much research on families like ours. We love our children, hug them, listen to them and always answer them about everything. We give them everything they need,” Lars added.

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