Baby Girl Born 3 Months Earlier Than Expected Has Regained Her Life After A Miraculous Year

A mother who gave birth three months early and only weighs the equivalent of a jar of marmite is tracking the development of her tiny child’s ability to survive on Is. At 27 weeks’ gestation, Stephanie Banman gave birth to Hailey. Hailey was transported right away to the newborn intensive care unit when she was born, weighing only 1lb 2oz (524g).

She underwent a protracted course of therapies, which included keeping her warm when her right lung gave out and being filled to accommodate her growth. She overcame the odds, though, and is now using the social networking site to inspire other parents of premature babies. She is generally in good health, gaining weight steadily, and she can breathe on her own now.

Stephanie said: “Hailey is very strong, which makes me strong too. She is becoming a little diva and handles all of her tests and procedures very well”.

Initially, I updated family and friends on her growth online because we don’t allow a lot of visitors. Then I understood that many parents were going through something similar, so I decided to do this as a way to give them hope.

When she was 18 weeks pregnant, doctors noticed that her baby was two weeks behind schedule. She was sent to the University of Alberta hospital for re-examination. There the doctors reported that their fetus had growth restriction in utero, and that the fetus was developing poorly. Stephanie said: “I said I did nothing wrong. “I’ve been eating healthy and taking all the vitamins I’ve been told, but nothing can stop this.

“The placenta doesn’t do a good job of providing nutrients for my baby.”

Since then, she and her husband regularly return to the hospital for scheduled check-ups, after each visit, the doctor always warns her and her husband that the daughter may have something else. I’m very sad, everyone doesn’t want to hear their child being told what’s wrong after every visit. I was shocked to hear that, but I believe my daughter will be fine. During the tests, the doctors found that the fluid around the fetus had decreased significantly and the blood flow had decreased during the 27-week ultrasound. As the blood flow improved, her fluid continued to dry up and a small pocket remained. After consulting, the doctors decided to cesarean section out, when the fetal heart rate began to decrease.

On July 16, Stephanie Hailey was born, she was crying and breathing, it’s an amazing thing that you have tried, no one expected you to be so strong. Her mother said: ”It was wonderful to see her for the first time. I didn’t think such a small and fragile person could live outside of the womb.”

But because she is small and weak, she has to stay in the hospital, and will be able to go home in two to three months if she develops well. and it was also her due date before that. My daughter Stephanie Hailey, she is like a miracle.

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