Mothers Who Give Birth To Triplets At The Same Time Are All The Same, This Only Happens Once In 200 Million Births

Stephanie and Michael Gough had decided they would have at least two kids before getting married. The birth of the couple’s child Zach is imminent. When the son was a little older, the parents decided it was time to think about having a second child. And they both have a strong desire for a lady.

However, two years of work did not produce the anticipated outcomes. Stephanie did became pregnant twice, however both pregnancies were lost due to complications. The irate woman made the decision to visit the hospital for testing and headed there. She was made even more depressed by the fact that she was given the polycystic ovarian syndrome diagnosis.

Hearing what the doctor said and what had happened, I seemed to collapse, despair and just cry. After all, I really wanted to give Michael a daughter, now my dream has gone up in smoke. After a period of concussion, I thought I must not give up hope, why do I think I have lost the ability to be a mother. While I have not tried medical intervention, it is natural. I remember IVF in my head.

With the will and decision to have children and have my child have more siblings, Stephanie made an appointment at a center and waited for her turn. In the meantime, instead of brooding with anxiety and sadness. My family went on vacation together to Mallorca with my husband and son. To get rid of negative thoughts, and regain determination. After the return trip, Stephanie immediately went to the center, where she was sent for the first time for an ultrasound. And then a real surprise awaits Stephanie.

She recounted: ”When I entered the ultrasound, the examination doctor was conducting an examination when he stopped to ask me. Why are you contacting our center? I answered without hesitation that I wanted to do IVF. The doctor laughed and told me what VIF is when you are pregnant”.

It’s vacation, it’s really a useful vacation. I didn’t think about it, because at that time we were just looking for somewhere to be psychologically comfortable waiting for the next examination. But the miracle has come. I have not one, but three daughters.

But the surprises are not over yet. It is clear that the fertilized egg has split twice so that the triplets are identical. According to doctors, this happens only once in 200 million births.

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