7 Amazing Things Babies Do In The Womb

Do you have any idea of what your baby does inside the womb? Undoubtedly, one of the most amazing moments in a mother’s life is being pregnant. Your baby grows and learns new things on an adventure every week as the pregnancy progresses. It’s amazing that the learning process starts right inside the womb and goes lifelong!

Babies in the womb are doing so many shocking things. Not only are they learning to move their fingers, toes, and limbs (something we all feel so distinctly), they are also sometimes dreaming, sometimes yawning, sometimes sucking their thumb, and a million other truly astounding things.

If you are pregnant and ever wondered what your baby may be doing inside your womb, then here are some possible things that you can expect:

Startling: When you sneeze, it scares your baby! The sound of mom sneezing, a dog barking, or any other loud, unexpected noise may cause the unborn child to startle while still inside the womb. You may have felt it and not even known what it was. How cool is that?

Sucking Thumb: I discovered early in the pregnancy that my kid was sucking her thumb before she was even born when we glanced in and saw her doing it! Now, 6 years later, she is still going strong.

Hiccupping: Babies learn hiccuping within the first few weeks of their existence. But, these hiccups are too mild to be detected. During the last stage of pregnancy, you may be able to spot them. However, many expected mothers may not perceive this at all.

Smelling: A baby’s sense of smell starts to develop in the womb. By the end of the first trimester, a baby can smell the foods his mother eats. How incredible is that?

Yawning: There is nothing cuter than a baby yawning. Except a baby yawning INSIDE the womb. How adorable is that?

Inside your small womb universe, things can be pretty unexciting for your cute one. If you are healthy, you might get a glimpse of your yawning baby while specialists take the ultrasound images.

Dreaming: It is said that babies have rapid eye movement in the womb in the later months that indicates that maybe (just maybe) they are dreaming. What does a fetus who has never seen anything dream of? This is what I wonder.

Smiling: Smiling is an essential life skill out of the womb. 4D scans have clearly shown the pictures of babies smiling inside the womb from around the 26th week of pregnancy. When your child was born, you must have pondered how they acquired the skill of the endearing smile.

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