Woman’s Bump Is So Big People Are Convinced She Has More Than Two In There

Although the size and shape of baby bumps can vary widely, one pregnant woman’s pregnancy bump has drawn notice because of its enormous size, which has led some to speculate that she is carrying more than one child. The expectant mother, Lizabeth Boyzo, revealed what her bump looks like at 34 weeks pregnant while documenting her prenatal journey on TikTok.

Since then, Lizabeth has amassed over 47 million views, and people are astonished by how big her belly is despite the fact that she is carrying twins.

“Wait, how many are in there?” a user inquired. Lol”

“How many kids are you having, congratulations though.” Another individual yelled.

How many are cooking in the oven? Others felt bad for the mother, imagining how uncomfortable having such a massive bump must be for her.

That appears painful. Another groaned.

One more viewer said: “OMG, and I thought my back was bad. “Praying for you”

The mother highlighted all of her favorite aspects of carrying twins in a different TikTok video.

She gushed about how much she enjoyed their knickers, the fact that they would always have each other, and the fact that she was carrying twins. Surprisingly, the mother claimed that despite her large pregnancy bump and impending delivery, she has experienced virtually no back pain. Many people wished Lizabeth luck, with one writing: “So happy for you! Wishing you all a secure delivery.

“Congratulations on your newborn children! You are a total tron. Another user made a comment.

“You look lovely; good luck with your babies.”

The female physique is amazing. I wish you a safe labor and delivery. “You look absolutely ѕtunnіnɡ! Congratulations to you on the upcoming birth of your babies. Good luck sweetheart. Twin girls? Boys? аɡаіn best wishes!”

It looks very painful I pray u have a pregnancy!! Αnd your very healthy now and afterwards!

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