Woman Gives Birth To Baby In Australian Burger King Car Park

Reid is the baby son of Tiana Keane, 24, and Josh Armstrong, 28, who are all 24 years old. Reid, however, was born differently than they had anticipated and ended up in the fast food restaurant’s parking lot.

Tiana, a manager, intended to give birth to her second kid in a local midwifery facility’s water, but as we all know, sometimes life has other ideas, and the baby made a decision. The initial scheme wasn’t. On their way to the hospital, the pair had just started dating as Tiana felt the baby’s head protruding while she was working at KFC.

Her body started to push at that point. The couple, who were only a short walk from their home, took a detour to a nearby parking lot because everything transpired so rapidly. It also happens to be their neighborhood Hungry Jacks, the Burger King of Australia.

My water broke at 6:50 p.m., and everything spiraled out of control after that, according to Tiana. Although the contractions were strong, I got into the shower and told Josh, “We have to go, my body feels like it needs to push.” I questioned myself as we were driving because I felt like his head was about to come out and I had a really strong yearning.

I feared that my body was about to push out from under me. I had the impression that I would have to give birth to this child in a ditch. Initially, I believed my panic was an act. Then, all of my emotions and ideas vanished, and I was only concerned with pushing him outside. I had to free him because it felt like my body was in shock and I was being overcome by adrenaline.

We lived only two minutes from Hungry Jacks and we were only a minute on the road when I told Josh to pull over. He stopped at Hungry Jacks, I threw myself in the backseat and put my feet on the dashboard, I started pushing. He came out after two pushups. After going through a difficult birth with her first child Ace, two, Tiana has said she wants Hungry Jack to be born on any given day.

This birth was more painful than the one I had with Ace before. But I really enjoy it. Because I had numerous issues with Ace, it was quick and straightforward compared to that birth. They were created to be opposites, and I would give birth at a fast food restaurant any day. This method is quick and easy, therefore if I had another baby, I would do it that way once more. Reid, a 7 lb 3 oz. newborn, is now living at home with his parents, sibling Ace, and other family members.

Reid is excellent, Tiana said; he has put on weight, eats well, and sleeps soundly.We spent only three hours at the birthing center before returning home at one in the morning.

‘My husband and I actually met while working at KFC, and now we have a baby born at Hungry Jacks, so we needed a big event happening at McDonald’s.

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