Woman, 21, Shocked To Give Birth On Plane After Doctor Gave Her All-Clear To Fly

Recently, a woman gave birth on an American Airlines flight from New York to the Dominican Republic, according to Newsweek. User Kendalee Rhoden @pinkangel876 stated that her sister gave birth to a kid prematurely on the trip in a string of popular TikTok videos. The publication stated that other passengers could be seen applauding as her sister was led from the aircraft. Three women reportedly assisted Rhoden’s sister in having the baby safely.

Send them this video if you know them. We just want to express our gratitude for all the effort they put out that day because we are aware of how different events might have transpired. I appreciate you very much. We are aware that giving birth while flying is difficult, she stated on TikTok. The second video features Rhoden explaining that, despite her sister’s jokes about giving birth in a car, they weren’t sure if it would occur on an aircraft.

“The road was pretty bumpy when we got to the airport, and my sister jokingly said she felt like she was about to have a baby in the car.”

We arrived at the airport, and she informed us that the infant was stiff on one side and she was in a bit of pain,” Rhoden continued. “I told her it was due to the way the car was driven, and nothing was seriᴏᴜs. So we checked in and my sister said she needed to use the bathroom.”

She began to complain of agony once more as we approached the plane’s gate and sat down, nearly quivering. My mother suggested that perhaps the infant wanted to go outside, but my sister insisted that it wasn’t the case and that she only needed to use the restroom. After they got into their seats on the plane, the TikTok user claimed that her sister was fidgeting frequently. She then instructed her to take a nap on a chair near the window. What sleep, though? According to Rhoden, she started having contractions an hour after landing. “She told me where her water supply was, and BOOM! The infant is departing. 36,000 feet in the air, at air, Skylen Kavon-Air Francis was born weighing just 3lb 7oz. Kendalee’s original video has received over 1.6 million views and thousands of comments.

“Not you, dropping a child. Congratulations to both of you.” One person wrote.

“When smaddy asked where he was from, he said, ‘I’m a sky,'” another joked.

“Oh my gosh, I will name Arianna or Skye, Skylar, congratulations!” one third write.

Meanwhile, many others expressed confusion and anger as to why this woman decided to travel in the first place knowing she was only a few weeks away from her due date.

“I’m very confused because I think you can’t get on a plane after being away for a certain number of months for this exact reason.”

“I think you shouldn’t travel when you’re 9 months old.”

“So you ignored ALL the red flags.”

“This woman was determined to go on vacation. She’s in active labor in the car! And the cabin pressure definitely helped that sweet baby out.”

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