Twins Born At Just 23 Weeks: A World Record and Living Proof Of Miracles

The Weirs, who married in 2013 and were thrilled to learn they were expecting at the end of 2015, had never even imagined having twins when they first met at Dundee University nine years ago. Mrs. Weir underwent an early ultrasound after bleeding at seven weeks, and the results revealed two healthy heartbeats. Mr. Weir, a town planner, said: “Our family has never had twins, so it was a shock. Claire must return for routine ultrasounds due to her continuous bleeding, but each time we are given the assurance that the babies are healthy. At Mrs. Weir’s 20-week scan, the twins seemed to be developing normally, but only two weeks later, at 22 and a half weeks, did her waters break. As soon as they realized I was 2 cm dilated, it seemed at first as though there was still enough fluid for the babies. It came as a tremendous shock to me when I learned that babies may be born early. At that point, there is little chance of saving them.

The twins, who were born at 23 weeks and 4 days, encountered several risks but never lost their smiles. They became one of the UK’s youngest sets of twins ever recorded. Annabelle is little over a pound in weight. When they were unexpectedly delivered this April, Imogen had just ended, and their lives had been put on hold.

The identical twins spent the first four months of their lives in the hospital and had many blood transfusions in addition to emergency surgery since they were born three days under the legal limit of 24 weeks for abortion. grant. They can’t even dress themselves for fear of ripping their fragile skin. They are now residing in Paisley with their parents James and Claire, and the doctors are continually astounded by their growth.

The 31-year-old Mrs. Weir acknowledges that she sometimes felt “guilty” for keeping children alive. However, she knew she had made the right decision when she observed ten-month-olds smiling and wiggling with joy at the sight of their favorite cuddly toy and holding hands as they slept. The twins are still just 11 and 12 pounds and must wear 0-3 month infant clothing.

Mrs. Weir, who was also born prematurely at 28 weeks, was born. The survival of such little twins is unheard of. Even for one, it seems difficult, much mind two. I initially felt extremely guilty. If they don’t make it, agony is all they have ever known. They are the smallest and youngest twins to have survived birth in Scotland, she continued. Due to the rapid advancement of medical science, the specialist informed us that if girls had been born just two years earlier, they would not have lived.

While other mothers in the maternity ward eagerly waited for their baby to be born, Mrs Weir tried to prolong the pregnancy. She said: ‘I just try to keep the kids inside for as long as possible. It was a truly terrible, anxiety-filled time. I just try not to move around too much, I even get nervous when I go to the bathroom.

Despite being in a “extremely vulnerable state,” their tiny hearts are beating. Due to a missing placenta and infection, I was unable to visit them that day and had to undergo surgery. After around six days, Imogen was ready for me to hold her, but Annabelle took longer because she was more fragile and small. They were only allowed to put on diapers and caps for a hundred days. Too little skin covers them. Only breast milk expressed for them to inhale through a tube in their nose will do. The newborns were housed in an incubator with a sophisticated positive pressure ventilator that provided air in slow, soft “breaths” for six weeks. They also receive caffeine, which helps with breathing. Finally, after a period of intensive care, the children were able to go home. We are very grateful for the help and dedicated care of the entire hospital staff.

The couple are so grateful for the ‘incredible’ care that they have raised more than £1,700 for the Princess Royal Baby Support Fund.


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