These Photos of C-Section Births Prove That Women’s Bodies Can Truly Withstand Anything

All birth stories are incredible tales to tell, that’s for certain — and in recent years, more and more women are opening up about what it meant to them to have a C-section birth, thus normalizing the once-taboo topic.

Ahead, see some of the most stunning C-section birth photos submitted to the contest, which will make you audibly say, “Whoa.”

C-section births are different than what many moms picture when they first learn they are pregnant, but they are also incredibly beautiful. C-sections save lives and should be celebrated.

And whether a mom’s C-section is an emergency, planned or elective it is still a valid and important birth experience. C-section moms are some of the bravest and strongest women we know.

In the moments leading up to surgery, a C-section mother must hold onto the strong and fierce love she has for her baby.

She lets fear wash over her . . . and then she lets it drift away. Although she knows a C-section birth is the best choice for her or her baby, she also knows she’ll endure major surgery with real wounds and scars.

Many women have only hours or minutes to mentally prepare for a C-section, compared to some who have weeks. Everything she anticipated while meeting her child has all of a sudden changed, including the location of the room, her position, and the people who will be around her.

We humans don’t tend to do well in situations of sudden change. Nevertheless, these courageous moms manage to swallow their egos and find an inner fortitude that enables them to go into the operating room and give birth to their child.

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