The Most Surprising Facts About Babies Developing In The Womb

Each child in the womb has a different development and absorption of nutrients. The way they develop in the womb is nothing less than a magical process. And it’s not even limited to your child kicking you from the inside, how much he gains in months….But there are things that will surprise you:

Baby has more bones but no knee bone

Given that your unborn baby has 300 bones, it becomes sense to assume that it has an overabundance of skeletal material. The kneecaps are absent from newborns. Instead of bones, they are born with cartilage, which develops into kneecaps.

Babies can taste food from the inside

Amniotic fluid can allow flavors like garlic to pass through, allowing the baby to “taste” them. For example, in research, pregnant women who consumed large amounts of carrot juice had offspring who were significantly likely to acquire a taste for it

Babies also have fingerprints

By the halfway point of your pregnancy, your baby’s lovely little fingertips may have fingerprints. Typically, fingerprints are created between weeks 20 and 24. At around the same time, your baby’s feet will begin to form the ridges and arcs that will later form their footprints.

Baby is afraid of loud noises

The fetus’ ears begin to develop around 18 weeks following fertilization, at which point it may be able to sense sounds outside. The fetus might be able to turn whenever it hears a noise by the time it is 24 weeks old. While occasionally hearing loud noises, such as music or sirens, is acceptable, continuously being introduced to them can be hazardous. To ensure that their unborn child’s hearing is healthy, pregnant mothers should limit their exposure to noise to below 115 decibels.

Babies can smell smells outside the womb

If you can smell anything terrible, a newborn most likely can too. Your child may smell the same things as you starting about 28 weeks, according to estimates. Babies at this period may be seen scowling and wiggling around when things get hot.

The baby consumes his urine while in the amniotic sac

Babies urinate when in the womb. They similarly swallow amniotic fluid. Thus, when all is considered, they are consuming their pee. It isn’t gross as they are only drinking a sterile liquid.

Baby starts to have hair and grow hair

A thin layer of hair called lanugo covers the entire body of the fetus, including its face, making it a mustache. Eyebrows, eyelashes and even hair are also developed. And with that is the color of the feathers

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