The Most Productive Surrogate Mother In The World, Who Gave Birth To 13 Children, Gave Her Son Up For Adoption

In June of 2004, Carole Horlock gave birth to a child. A DNA test was done on the infant six weeks after birth, and the findings revealed that Carole and her husband Paul were the baby’s true parents. With 13 further births under her belt, Carole Horlock is the most prolific surrogate in the entire globe. She wants to see one youngster again, though—the boy who is her son and her husband. In June 2004, Carole gave birth to a child she thought was the result of her egg being fertilized by another man’s sperm. After doing a DNA test six weeks after the baby was born, the parents learned that the child belonged to Carole and her husband Paul. Paul and Carole, however, concur to adopt him. Carole doesn’t regret the decision, but she does regret having lost touch with the couple who raised her son. The woman said that she was always thinking about her son.

Carole is now hoping that her son would wish to visit her. The Guinness Book of World Records has acknowledged Carole’s accomplishment, and she said of her work as a surrogate, “I am immensely proud of the fact that I have given birth to 13 babies who have grown up with loving parents “. “Surrogacy has given me and the families I’ve assisted countless joys, but it has also brought about some of the worst days of my life. The greatest gift a woman can give another person is through surrogacy. There is a drawback to this, though. It’s upsetting and a roller coaster of emotions.”

Unfortunately, with her eighth surrogacy, it was once more the situation. She proclaimed, “My partner and I performed an act of love in giving birth to this kid. After giving it a lot of thought, we ultimately decided to let the customer keep it. People have questioned how I could give up a baby when they knew it was mine, yet the majority of the surrogates I used were my own biological children. The distinction is that the child is also my husband’s. We constantly consider him. When he turns 18, we expect him to want to visit us since we know him.

Carole consented to serve as a surrogate mother in 2003 for a woman who lived in the UK. When Carole’s intended parents found out she was pregnant, they were ecstatic. During both the scan and the delivery, this couple was present. Then Carole stayed with them for a week. However, the baby’s irate adoptive father called the surrogacy service six weeks later and claimed the results of the DNA test proved the child wasn’t his. This was confirmed by the second test. It was awful for us all, Carole remarked. Do they want him? I recalled asking the surrogacy agency repeatedly. In nine months after giving birth to someone else’s child through surrogacy, you emotionally distance yourself from the child.

Carole’s second husband, Paul, is now 69 years old. Despite having children from prior relationships, they don’t have any together. We had an honest and open discussion about whether to keep or adopt,” recalls Carole, a mother of two girls. Paul finally made a choice. “We will raise the baby ourselves if the couple doesn’t want to have one, and if they still love and care about him, we will keep him,” he stated.

It was a difficult decision because this boy was different. He is not only mine but also my life partner, with whom we have no children in common. It was a difficult decision, but I believe it was the right one. I spent 9 months believing the child was theirs and psychologically alienating him. I don’t get emotional when I’m pregnant because it breaks my heart every time I give the baby to another couple.”

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