The Little Girl Was A Showstopper From The Moment Of Her Birth With Her Hair

Bella’s adoptive mother Phillipa Rabbitts, 27, claims that she is frequently mistaken for Monsters Inc.’s Boo and that this makes people wonder if she is wearing a wig. She has always been a performer. “When Bella was born through C-section, the doctor saw right away that she had a lot of hair. The midwives had never seen a newborn with so much hair before, and they all flocked to see her because she was so beautiful, according to her mother Phillipa Rabbitts.

Bella’s size, at barely 11 pounds at eight months, only serves to highlight her amazing hair. Bella will be the test to determine why she isn’t developing. We make fun of the fact that she has always been so little and just her hair grows! stated Phillips. Bella is healthy, aside from the growth issues that necessitated tube feeding, of course. Mother Phillipa Rabbitts, 27, claimed that whenever she took her kid outside, onlookers would stop her and inquire as to whether or not her hair was real.

People really think she’s a doll when they see her. I’m always asked if she wears a wig, and if her beams get stuck. No matter where we go, we get stopped at least five times because of her hair – people’s first reaction is, ‘Oh my God, is that true? To her crowd, people say she looks like Boo from Monsters Inc – now that’s a little nickname for her.” Philippa said she thinks cute Bella has inherited her brown locks and dad Matthew Cole’s thick hair. She added: “Matt really thinks that ginger hair will curl when it’s wet and I’m very black – so I think she got her hair from both of us. Her hair was either very curly or wild when she first washed it, so to tame it we had to tie it back – otherwise it would fall all over the place.

Although the length is now at her shoulder, it truly has to be cut, but I’m hesitant to do so. I want it to continue growing for as long as is practical. When she grows up, I want her to resemble Rapunzel in real life! She adores having her hair washed and brushed. She also adored the brief head massage I gave her. She noticed it and we had to tie it up, but she wasn’t bothered by it. To brush and style takes time. It takes twice as long for me to do her hair as it does for my own. But she’s quite chilly.

Everyone’s always touching it so she’s used to it being played with. At night we’ll see her brushing it out of her face, and when it’s down she flicks it out of her eyes like a little diva.The only thing she’s not keen on his a hairdryer, so for now I tend to towel try it – it’s so thick so it takes a long time to dry, so I’m trying to get her used to it!

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