The Cutest 70 Million To One Quadruplets Ever Are Their Mother’s Best Christmas Present

Carla and Paul Crozier, after two births and several failed cycles of IVF knew this was their last chance to complete their family. The couple, who have spent all their savings trying to have a brother or sister for daughter Darcie, took out a £8,000 loan for the final roll of the dice on fertility treatment.

We had to earn £8,000 because we had no money at all, Carla explained. We have only this one chance. If that doesn’t work, we will concede that we are unable to grow our family. The couple got four times what they bargained for after having four children before the failed attempts. The fact that Carla and Paul’s children are identical twins makes their tale even more unusual. One in 70 million women experience this kind of pregnancy, making it extremely uncommon.

Darcie came to her in 2013, after five years of trying to conceive naturally, thanks to reproductive treatment made available through the National Health Service. The couple then started trying for a further three years to conceive a child using frozen embryos from the IVF procedure that produced their daughter. Following treatment, Carla became pregnant in January 2015.

Carla and Paul, however, are not prepared to give up on their desire to expand their family. They made the decision to attempt it once more after a year. The Grays, Essex, couple traveled to a clinic in Cyprus for IVF because it was less expensive there after borrowing £5,500 from family and friends to pay for fertility treatment abroad. But in September of that same year, when the baby was 8 weeks old, an ultrasound revealed the absence of the fetal heart.

Not stopping there, the couple still hopes for their children. They took out a £8,000 loan and embarked on a healthier lifestyle to maximize their chances of success, eating in moderation, cutting out alcohol completely and each going to the gym five times a week. In September, the pregnancy test came back positive.

After many failures, this time luck smiled on the couple. When the pregnancy was 12 weeks old, they were informed by the doctor that there were 4 fetal hearts in the mother’s body. But joy always comes with anxiety, because too much pregnancy will have risks. Despite the doctor’s advice, the couple still decided to keep all four children, so that they have a chance to be born and grow up.

March 27, a happy day when children are born. Isla Amelie came in first at 4:10 a.m. with 2 lb 4 oz, followed by Demi May with 2 lb 7 oz, Alyse Jade 2 lb 4 oz and Milla Leigh 2 lb 9 oz.

She said: ‘Before they arrived, I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough love for four children. But my love for each of them is great. Darcie loves them too. She gets excited when they do something new and is very good at making them laugh.


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