The Couple Has 11 Kids, And The Mom Is Pregnant With Their 12th

Mother Zoe Sullivan, from Lossiemouth, Moray, is pregnant with her 12th child – and says she “wants to keep expanding forever”. Several of their kids, who range in age from 3 to 16, were irritated, according to Zoe, 43, and her husband Ben, 46. They thought they were about to learn about a vacation to Disneyland. Instead, they learned that they will welcome a baby sibling in April. “Not someone else,” one of the youths yelled. Joseph, a three-year-old, who was the youngest, was also a little irritated.

Zoe, though, believes he developed the concept swiftly. Joseph was a difficult child who disliked novelty and new people, she claimed.” He won’t even put on a new coat anymore.” Yet, he now claims to love the baby and is content. Let’s wait and see how it turns out when it does. “The moon is where the rest are. I was out shopping with the older daughters, and they were picking out baby clothes. For 14 weeks, RAF engineers Ben and Zoe were able to keep the information to themselves.

But as soon as the mother got home from her initial scan, she told the family about everything. They did not have any strong reactions when they shared this news with their family and friends reactions. “We’ve had great feedback, lots of lovely comments,” Zoe said. It’s really very good. “They already knew we were crazy. Nothing shocks them anymore.” The children are Elisabeth, 16, Olivia, 15, twins Charlotte and Isabelle, 13, Noah, 11, and Evangeline, 10.

Tobias, age eight, Leah and Erin, age five, Agnes, age four, and Joseph, age three, make up the rest of the family. They have four bedrooms in their home, with mom and dad in one, the three boys in another, and the girls, arranged according to age, in the final two rooms. Zoe has never thought twice about wanting more children despite the fact that she packs her children’s lunches every morning and spends $1,200 a month on food. I believe that family is everything for us, she remarked. Everything we do is focused on them.

Why wouldn’t you want to add more to the team? It is a lot of fun and offers a lot of joy and happiness. It has significance for us. Yet she had been pregnant for almost a year at this point two years when she was constantly ill. She admits that this is likely to be her last trip to the maternity hospital. Zoe added: “I never said never, but we’re both older now and this stage is much more worth the wait. “I don’t know. I want to keep going forever. But I don’t know if this could be our last.

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