The Birth Photos Show The Raw Beauty Of The Mother When Giving Birth In The Water

Moпet Nicole is a photographer who captures mothers’ labor and birth moments. Those pictures are a creditable job, not in how they were taken, but in how much they raise the bar for the honor and sacrifice of noble mothers. The pictures capture the panorama of the underwater birth at Maeve’s house. Let’s admire the beautiful moments through these stunning photos.

That mother contacted me via Email and told me nice things. She and her husband are expecting their second child to be born, but not at the hospital. But they want their child to be born in their own home. And the important thing is that they want to capture those beautiful moments, so they want me to be the price photographer for their birthing journey. A happy family, a beautiful mother and a precious spirit.

After hanging up and talking to each other via Email. we met a few weeks before Maeve’s birthday. The talk was very fun, we drank coffee together and exchanged ideas and wanted to have pictures like. I feel like they are old friends. It is rare to be able to trust and cooperate with each other on such a deep level. It’s even rarer to find this partnership so early… I think we all felt it that day.

‘I know that Maeve’s birthday is a special day, not just her. For all parents, it is also a wonderful day, a day of bursting emotions. They want to give their children a memory when they grow up’

These images not only stop at the real beauty of art, but also the beauty of the mother’s soul. The hard work of 9 months and 10 days. The resilience of childbirth is often compared to ”the door of birth is the door of death”. He sacrifices everything just for the sake of life, peace and happiness for his children. Wonderful mothers.


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