The Beautiful Story Of A 1.2kg Premature Baby With Neonatal Progeria

Pregnancy is a long process of effort and sacrifice. Each of us wants our children to grow up comprehensively and healthy. Here is the story of a little girl, she is a little angel, an example of strength and intense love of life.

The pregnancy process to the last moments of the little girl, was recorded by the mother on her Instagram social network status.

The reader is moved to tears by the story of a 1.2kg baby’s short life.

Eline Leonie was born on November 14, 2019, weighed 1200 grams and measured 38cm. Eline was diagnosed with neonatal progeria when she was born.  Progeria is a very strange disease, it is a prgressive genetic disorder that accelerates the aging of children. Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome is another name for it, and it typically affects children after the age of two. But Eline’s newborn progeria became apparent in her life right away.

From the 20th week of pregnancy, it became clear that Eline was not like ‘normal’ babies. The belly is much smaller than usual, and the heart is too big.

Because she was so worried, she went for an ultrasound and saw a consultant doctor. The doctor suggested amniocentesis but I declined. When I was pregnant, I was admitted to the hospital at 28 weeks. Eline showed no signs of growth.

During the hospital stay and was monitored every day. When the ultrasound checked, Eline’s heart stopped beating for a few seconds and then continued to beat fast, I was extremely worried and insecure. And right after this event, the doctor ordered an emergency cesarean section Eline.

Eline, weighing 1200 grams and measuring 38 cm, was born on November 14 at 16:26. ELine Leonie—Her mother gave her the name Eline Leonie because she believes, hopes, and wants that her daughter would continue to fight for her life and will benefit from her mother’s prayers and protection.

Eline was born with many difficulties, she was severely impaired, unable to develop heart and gastrointestinal problems. Eline struggles greatly to eat in order to sustain her life because she cannot nurse like other babies. Since birth, Eline has received the majority of her nutrition through a tube.

After 100 days of mother and daughter in the hospital, they were finally able to return home on February 21, 2020. Mother Eline was very excited, happy, happy, an indescribable feeling of happiness, joy mixed with a little bit of joy. insecure.

Mother Eline with a maternal premonition, she has many passages about her child’s life in the following days. So I tried to give you the best, the most joy so that I could feel how life outside the mother’s body is different

But Eline was no longer strong enough to continue with her mother on her journey to fight this terrible disease. This road has not been easy, but the relationship that exists between Eline and Michelle, her mother, has made them both enjoy each other to the fullest.





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