The 25-Year-Old Mother Was Afraid Of Not Being Able To Have Children, And Was Pregnant With Triplets After Many Years Of Waiting

A mother who has spent years trying to conceive is astonished to learn that she is actually carrying three children. After three years of failed tries, Keisha James-Thomas, 25, of Huddersfield, is sure she can’t have children. Yet when the scans revealed that she was carrying three bundles of joy, she started to deteriorate. Even her mother, according to Keisha, doesn’t believe the reports.

She joked: “I was stunned and blinded. It didn’t seem real. It was a huge shock – I didn’t expect it at all.”

Keisha added: “It’s positive because I’ve been trying for so long, I didn’t think I could have children so when that happened, it was like a miracle. I was in shock, at first I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it and my mom didn’t believe it for a second until I showed her the scans.”

After getting over the initial shock, Keisha said she began to feel stressed and even started having nightmares.

She explained: “I had nightmares about it, maybe because it was my first pregnancy.

Even though I’ve been searching for it and having nightmares are common, the discovery came as a tremendous shock to me as a young mother of three. In addition, Keisha experienced severe morning sickness, which, according to her, at one point rendered her bedridden. The first time was quite challenging; by the 25th week, I was very ill, and on some days and for some weeks, I was bedridden just out of exhaustion and weakness. Then, the other days are alright, become better, and only seldom get sick, making it less difficult than it was initially. Keisha, who claimed to have suffered from chronic back pain at the conclusion of her pregnancy, was undoubtedly happy to be carrying around three small gifts.

But her pregnancy went normal and her babies were born 6 weeks early, on December 20. Baby boy Avarni weighed 4 lbs 5oz, daughter Ameyah weighed 3 lbs 6oz and daughter Ariyah weighed 3 lbs. 3oz. The trio had to stay at the Royal Calderdale Hospital with Keisha because they needed a little TLC for a short time. Keisha, now home to Bradley, Huddersfield, said the children have gained weight and have revealed their small personalities.

Keisha said: “They all have different personalities, the boy is quite cold and calm and the girl is calm, but the other is noisy.

Some days can be hectic, some days not: it all really depends on how they spend the day. Keisha and her family are also discovering how expensive babies can be. Everyone says it’s expensive for one. With three, it’s very expensive. Keisha’s mother, Karen Thomas, was also shocked when Keisha told her that triplets were coming. But it was a happiness, a happiness that no words can describe.

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