Teen Mum, 17, Who No More After Giving Birth To Larger Than Expected Baby

Your doctor will keep track of your baby’s size while you are pregnant. Growth is a reliable sign of a baby’s wellbeing and health, although sometimes kids develop faster than is normal. Knowing that your kid might be growing up can be a little frightening. You might be concerned about carrying and giving birth to a big baby as well as the baby’s health. An inquest heard that a teenage mother gave birth to a child that should have been suspected of causes a few weeks earlier. When Teegan Barnard delivered her 9-pound, 9-ounce child via c-section in 2019, she lost nearly four liters of blood. During labor with a “larger than expected” baby, the 17-year-old encountered an obstruction, which is when you cannot move exit the pelvis.

The 17-year-old girl’s condition quickly worsened two hours after giving birth to their son, Parker, and her lips turned blue when she was having difficulty breathing. She experienced a difficult labor in St. Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex, on September 7, 2019, and four weeks later at her house in Havant, Hampshire, when she sustained a severe heart arrest and brain damage. According to NHS rules, Teegan might have been offered to go into labor at 38 weeks, or three weeks before giving birth, but that was not the case, an inquest was informed today.

The paramedics’ recommendation that Teegan labor, in which the mother was given the medication to aid in labor, was “best practice,” according to investigators from the Health Safety Investigations Branch (HSIB), was “acceptable.”

Instead, the infant boy of Teegan was developing and “in retrospect, he would have contributed to the danger of postpartum hemorrhage,” according to the investigators. In order to increase the danger of postpartum hemorrhaging and give the infant a chance to develop, this is crucial. We may say that timing the rollout earlier would be ideal,” she says. Nonetheless, Ms. Laing remarked that Teegan’s postpartum hemorrhage was “unpredictable”. At 38 weeks, it was “foreseeable,” according to Teegan family attorney Adam Walker, that the infant would weigh more than 4 kilograms. “I didn’t expect the baby to be this big when I took care of her,” said midwife Sally Walters, who has been caring for Teegan since week 8 of her pregnancy.

The possibility that Teegan experienced anaphylaxis after birth as well as a possible underlying infection that caused her temperature to rise has been raised before inquests. Just before going into labor in the early hours of September 9, 2019, Teegan vomited about 11 p.m. on September 8, 2019, and her pulse spiked to 119 beats per minute. Teegan has a large personality and is full of life, according to her mother, Abbie Hallawell.

“Teegan and the rest of the family are overjoyed that she is pregnant,” she continued. She is incredibly excited to have children, and she will be an incredible mother. What ought to have been Teegan’s happiest day turned out to be tragically the worst, and our entire family was forever changed real.

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