Tears Over A Super Strong Single Mum Of Triplets At The Risk Of Delivering Three Miracles

22-year-old Latifah is naturally expecting triplets. Latifah talks about how she made the decision to become a single mother early on in her pregnancy. However, Latifah’s Cervix started the open, early stages of pre-term labor at just 22 weeks pregnant. She must decide whether to let nature take its course or try to salvage the pregnancy because her children are too young and underdeveloped to survive.

Latifah made the decision to undergo the high-risk procedure known as a cervical cerclage or stitch, which involves closing the cervix in an effort to conceive. The procedure went well, and Latifah’s triplets were delivered at 30 weeks in good health. Latifah recently spoke with us and said: “The past year has been difficult in terms of establishing a routine. Get used to it, make time for yourself, and play with girls; with time, it becomes easier.”

“Za’lahni just received a diagnosis of infantile spasms, which has hampered her development but hasn’t prevented her from attempting new things. I am extremely proud of her for trying to follow Ah’zari and Zeh’rai even though it is difficult for her to do so.

Although currently sleeping on the sofa, Latifah looks extremely happy with her three children. “Having girls really motivates me to do better,” she says, and now she looks forward to working in the neonatal department.

I’m proud of all my ladies since they are all brilliant, joyful children, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. The triplets just celebrated their first birthday.

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