Special Images Of Newborn Newborn Faces Make Viewers Amusing

The photographs by Alessandra Corveloni show the newborns’ first moments right after delivery. Given the unique nature of childbirth, many parents in recent years have requested that professional photographers document the event in order to preserve particular moments. The photographers working in this field accompany the mother throughout the entire labor process to capture the anticipation, the fear, the arrival of the child, and all the joy and excitement that ensues there.

Photographing babies at birth is her area of expertise. She has many years of expertise and is a mother herself. This photographer has documented scores of women’s births and her Instagram account is filled with stunning images. The majority are in black and white and include images of newborn newborns’ faces and expressions. The fact that Alessandra’s images capture the scene without using any filters makes them stand out. From the gallery below, we’ve chosen a few of our favorites.

Newborns as soon as they come out of their mother’s womb.

A baby has just been born and makes its first cry.

Another snapshot that Alessandra Corveloni posted on her Instagram.

The baby cried for the first time.

Black and white photos definitely have more atmosphere and make the final result more special.

Equally special are the photos of parents holding their newborn baby in their arms. Emotions, relief and joy are not hidden; They are emotions that through these photos will last a lifetime.

Alessandra lives and works in Portugal and has been awarded numerous awards for her work. On Instagram, her photographer’s followers reach 8,000, and each of her posts garner hundreds of likes.

Whew, What a Trip!

“This kid looks like he’s thinking ‘Yeah, that’s right. I just rocked that birth journey,'” jokes Freund. “‘Here I am, world.'”

Do I Have to?

“This baby was born covered in meconium — a lot of it,” says Pereira. “She is thinking, ‘Who turned this lights on?'”



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