She Was Called Selfish When She Adopted A Child At The Age Of 49

Becoming a mother is one of the best things in the world, but some people aren’t able to for various reasons. Or perhaps she simply didn’t end up being the kind of mother “written” in the great book! Society has a tendency to condemn people who deviate slightly from the norm. Kris Monsour, a woman from Ohio, had always wanted to have children, but after more than ten years of trying, she gave up on her greatest ambition. After divorcing her first husband, Kris remarried and unexpectedly fell pregnant. But, the joy did not last long as she lost the child within the first few weeks.

Afterwards, my doctor advised me to quit trying, give up, and face the fact that I would never become a mother. When he said that, I felt incredibly horrible, but I had to accept the truth and I began concentrating on my work,” Kris recalled. The ten-year path of parenthood for Kris Monsour is wrought with countless difficulties. When something unexpected happened one day, she was about to plunge in a vicious cycle of trauma, worry, and despair.

Kris’ life was completely altered one day by an unforeseen phone call. She received a call from one of her cousins, who had just arrived home from the treatment facility, asking if she would be interested in adopting her unborn kid. Naturally, Kris, who was 48 at the time, immediately said “yes,” and the couple has been with them throughout the entire pregnancy and delivery.

Since adopting daughter Ainsley in March, Kris and Clay have never been happier in their lives. Even if the adoption procedure itself is physically and mentally draining and costs close to $20,000, every effort is worthwhile for the child. The mother, who is now 52, shared her greatest joy on TikTok, but regrettably she has come under a lot of criticism for daring to have a baby at this time.

The woman has endured horrendous criticism online, where many have referred to her as “selfish” for having a child at an older age and told her that she will probably pass away before her daughter reaches adulthood. She received criticism from others for adopting her child too late.

She’s only trying to fill the vacuum because she can’t have children, another person said. Nonetheless, Kris Monsour’s unwavering love for his daughter is the only thing that keeps him alive.

Along with the derogatory remarks, this mother also received support, adoration, and appreciation from online users.

“You have given a child the chance to live the life he deserves. If there is lice, there is a way!” one commenter wrote.

Another added: “Proud you are a great mom. And the love in your daughter’s eyes is priceless.”

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