Shares Birthday With Both Parents Despite Being Born Two Weeks Late

On November 18, Simone Milner turned 29. On the same day, Matthew Leigh turned 40. Alma Leigh, their baby daughter, was also born that day, in contrast. In order to become the third member of their family to have the same birthdate, Alma is waiting more than two weeks past her due date. It’s going to be a really wonderful day every time she visits, but this is amazing, said Simone from Stockport, Cheshire. The ideal birthday gift is her. That is the best you could do, and today is truly a memorable day.

I have to add that having a baby is nothing like celebrating a birthday. I just recall being quite happy when Mat said, “Happy Birthday,” shortly after midnight. Oh, is this our birthday, I thought. She was 15 days past due, what a ridiculous thought. It almost seems like she chose our birthday to visit. Since Simone and Mat have been sharing birthdays for the past six years, they are delighted to include their daughter in the festivities. It’s magic,’ Mat replied. To spend the day together as a family is incredibly special.

It will be simpler to recollect for someone with a bad memory if they can remember two highly significant days of the year. Simone, a real estate finance professional, first met Mat when she joined his gym in November 2016. Not long later, he messaged her on Messenger and mentioned that they had the same birthdate. After exchanging a few messages, they scheduled their first official date.

On November 3, Alma was scheduled to come, but it appears that she has other plans. On November 17, the couple went to the hospital for a regular checkup and agreed to the midwife’s offer to perform an amniocentesis on Simone. After discovering Alma was in an uncomfortable position after 12 hours of nocturnal labor, the physicians advised a cesarean surgery, which is how the baby was delivered on November 18—Simone described her as being exceptional. excited to share her 50th birthday with her daughter, who will be turning 21. Frank, Mat’s father, had emailed Simone while she was in the hospital the day before in the hopes that the baby would arrive on his son’s birthday.

There are cards on every windowsill and tables in our home, said Simone, who added that it was full of well wishes. You’re all celebrating birthdays, which is strange because you’re not only celebrating yourself but also other people. However, we will always remember each other’s birthdays. If we get another one and it comes the next day, I’m not sure how we’ll handle it.


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