Pregnant Woman Claims Her Baby Bump Is So Large That some people mistake it for eight infants.

A pregnant woman claims that because of her enormous baby belly, many people mistake her for carrying eight babies. On the social media site TikTok, Renae W shared some images of her growing belly. But the video has amassed more than five million views on the channel and a life of its own.

Now at 37 weeks of pregnancy, the mother of 4 babies, says she can’t wait to meet her ”rainbow baby”, but will miss the big bump.

When she shared a series of photos and videos on social networks, she was liked by nearly 170,000 people. She insists she has no medical condition to explain the swelling that is much larger than usual. Just know that when she was pregnant, her belly was very big, and there were a lot of stretch marks around.

She also said: ”she didn’t have polyhydramnios, excess water or gestational diabetes which caused the big bump. I had an ultrasound not long ago, the translation is normal, it will be 1 week and 4 days soon. One medical professional suggested that she should be worried, but she replied: ”As a doctor you should be ashamed of yourself about this video, especially since I am not your patient”.

The doctors added that the pregnant belly shouldn’t be that big when my baby and I are both healthy. And because her height is not good, her belly will also look bigger than usual. The mother said she gained only 35 pounds during her current pregnancy and said her final son was born weighing 9 pounds and 6 ounces.

Fetal hyperplasia (when the baby weighs more than 8 pounds, is 13 ounces tall at birth), maternal obesity, or Diastasis recti (when the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy) from previous pregnancies can also cause for patients whose gestational age is older than them. Fortunately, she did not experience these complications.

What she shared on social networks surprised everyone. Someone said: ‘The child is building a house in it’. But one woman was more supportive when she said: ”Every woman is different. Another added: ”I can’t believe he would even say that to you completely oblivious to your pregnancy. ”

Every pregnancy is different. Every pregnancy is unique. No two pregnancies are alike, and no mother has the same pregnancy. They are all ordinary, strong in the journey to bring children to each of us. But anyway, you are still born safely, so happy, so happy, little angels.

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