Powerful Series Of Photos That Capture The Precious First Moments Between Mother And Newborn Baby

The first precious moments in a baby’s existence are captured by Brazilian photographer Paula Galvaxo of Natal. A woman is depicted in a moving picture just before giving birth.

squatting on the ground and leaning on her partner for assistance as she has contractions. Paula, 39, began capturing photos in this manner after giving birth to her own daughter, Ingrid, who is now 17 years old. She explained that she works around the clock because she can get anywhere at any time, but she still feels very satisfied and successful with her work.

The doctors delivering the baby through C-Setin are shown in these amazing pictures from the birth room captured in Natal, Brazil, by photographer Paula Galvaxo.

Another heartwarming image shows a young woman kissing her mother’s head for the first time.

The images also depict the stages preceding, such as this one of a woman on the floor experiencing contractions while grasping her husband for support.

An intimate image shows another mother meeting her new son for the first time, moments after giving him

A photo showing a new event held for the first time with a small hat.

A cute image showing a new with a full head of hair enjoying a nap.

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