People Are Astounded As A Pregnant Woman Watches Her Baby’s ‘Foot’ Move

One expectant mother stunned her followers by capturing the exact moment that her baby’s feet left an imprint on her ell as she was kissing.

Taylor Victoria, a TikTok content artist and expectant mother, has shared regular pregnancy updates with her followers. She was able to capture her baby’s priceless knick on camera at 31 weeks gestation.

See here: When she joked about the amazing experience with her followers, she wrote: “When your baby has giant feet.”

Overwhelmed by the 25-year-old mother’s video, viewers commented on the magical moment in wonder.

One individual said, “Wow, this is amazing!”

A different person said, “Aw it’s so clear lol can’t wait for mine to show.”

Wow, that’s amazing that you have a video of it. A third audience member made a comment.

Taylor responded, “My stomach was in a giant lump and luckily my husband started filming!!”

Some people believed that the imprint seen on Taylor’s newborn girl was an arm rather than a foot.

One reader commented, “Looks like an arm or elbow area of the arm!” Our bodies are amazed by how cool that is.

A second voice said, “Omg! For sure, that is his armor! That’s hilarious since my daughter started moving right away when my camera turned on.

A different expectant mother previously revealed to her TikTok followers what her baby belly looked like at 37 weeks into her pregnancy.

Mum vlogger Karla was using the app to record her third pregnancy when she captured the moment her baby elly drooled, signaling the approaching labor.

The soon-to-be mother acknowledged that her bum had decreased in size and said, “It’s so exhausting and I’m always so out of breath.” However, other expectant TikTok users made sure she understood how fortunate she was that her baby bump had even diminished, noting how long they too had been waiting for it to happen.

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