Parents Experience New Emotions After Having a Baby at Home

In recent years, the situation of mothers giving birth at home is increasing. Due to the emergence of many dangerous new pandemics, it is also necessary to mention the COVID-19 epidemic. When the medical industry is in a state of overload because of the high number of infected patients, and to avoid cross-infection. So preparing to give birth at home is an optimal measure, and also a new experience for family members. When welcoming the little angel in the beloved home.

The need to give birth at home is gradually gaining popularity. And it is impossible not to mention the United States. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a unit of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), home births account for more than 62,000 births, 1.61% of the total in the United States.

The most recent figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare showed 97 per cent (302,463) of mothers gave birth in hospitals in 2016.

There were 905 babies born out of hospitals that year, the equivalent of 0.3 per cent of births, and that statistic included babies born on the side of the road en route to hospital.Mothers giving birth at home are older with an average age of 31 and are less likely to be first-time mothers. Babies born at home also had a higher average birthweight of 3,650 grams and higher average gestational age of 39.8 weeks.

Among mothers giving birth at home, it is impossible not to mention mother of four Jaimie Dowdle, who lives in the gold mining town of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia. Has given birth to son Kingston James on January 27 in his own home.

Husband Brian anxiously watched his wife’s condition, she gave birth in an inflatable pool in his living room without the need for a doctor, midwife or medication. Mrs Dowdle said: ‘It was incredible to see her baby born, to see her come into this world in such a wonderful way”.

“Those first tears were a relief because they’re finally here and they were born… to be honest there are no words to explain how great the feeling was at the time.”


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