One Of Lowa Hospital’s Youngest Births Was A Set Of Identical Micro-Preemie Twin Girls

The only twins to survive who were born at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic are Kambry and Keeley Ewoldt. Compared to the usual human pregnancy, which lasts 40 weeks, or roughly nine months, the twins were born in late November after 22 weeks of pregnancy. They would undoubtedly be among the first four or five children to be born in this country. It’s very unusual for a baby to survive past 22 weeks.

Nationwide, survival is about 10%,” continued the doctor. While in the womb, babies are diagnosed with Twin – Twin transfusion sndromendrome between babies. (TTTS) is also very rare,” says Klein. Many patients pass ay before they are born. The twins’ mother, Jade Ewoldt, 28, of Dysart, Iowa, said she was worried when she realized her water had broken at home on November 23. “I was so angry, sad and scared. scared. I was just praying that girls wouldn’t be born at home.’ Ewoldt said

The travel to the hospital, which took one hour and fifteen minutes, was incredibly long for Jade. Thankfully, the twins were patient enough to wait until their mother arrived at the hospital. They were each about the size of a dollar bill when they first came and were incredibly little. Babies being born that early is something I’ve never heard of. There aren’t many good ideas in our heads. They warned us it would be a roller coaster ride from the outset,” stated Wesley Ewoldt. According to Klein, having a baby so early can lead to numerous difficulties. They still have not have formed eyelids, and their skin is so thin that it can rip at the least touch.

The size of their hearts is that of a thumbnail. Girls are given a little stream of air to breathe using respirators. To ensure the survival of these two young girls, a lot of work must be done, Jade remarked. The twins were successfully delivered, but they must now remain in the neonatal intensive care unit until their due date of March 29. The majority of Jade and Wesley’s days are spent with the couple’s twins in the hospital. They typically bring their son Koy, 5, and daughter Kollins, 3. They have so far overcome all odds against them, says Jade.


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