Nigerian Couple Celebrate Their Adorable Quintuplets’ First Birthday With Cute Photos

Oluwakemi Funmilayo Aminu, a Nigerian woman, and her husband Mark Imudia Uduehi recently celebrated their child’s first birthday. While Uduehi, from Ekpoma in Esan West Local Government Area, was unemployed and his wife worked for the Nigerian Population Commission Abuja, it was thought that the children were born in Abuja. Speaking to reporters at the time of the babies’ birth a year ago, Uduehi expressed her joy at their arrival and pleaded with the government and well-intentioned Nigerians for assistance.

He thanked God for providing them these healthy children and expressed his thankfulness, but he also acknowledged that this came with a great deal of responsibility because raising even one child is difficult. To help the family raise the children, he is pleading with the government, well-meaning Nigerians, and business organizations. Ms. Oluwakemi, on her part, said she was glad the delivery went smoothly and noted that she gave birth naturally.

She said that my husband is currently hunting for job and that I am a civilian employee of the Nigerian Population Commission in Abuja. We both lived in a one-bedroom flat in Lugbe since that was all we could afford.

Nevertheless, now that God has blessed us with five kids, they will undoubtedly require a larger residence and money to cover their expenses, particularly for food and baby clothes. Happy birthday to everyone who was born that year. The federal government has given Uduehi a job at the Nigeria Road and Construction Research Institute (NBRRI), Abuja. A three-bedroom cottage in one of the communities was also given to the couple as part of the Federal Integrated Employee Housing Program (FISH).

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