Mum Gives Birth To Rare Identical Triplet Girls – But Was Told They’d Be Boys

Despite using contraception, Jake Hammerton, 22, and Caitlin Knight, 20, were overjoyed to learn Caitlin was expecting their first child. The couple was subsequently more than a little surprised to learn they were carrying identical triplet boys during their 22-week gender ultrasound, which is a one in 200 million case without IVF.

The new parents’ story began back on February 14, when they discovered – despite not planning to get pregnant and using birth control – that Caitlin was pregnant. Two months later, on Jake’s birthday on April 5, they were told that they were having three children at once – all boys and identical. As the scheduled September 2nd caesarean section approaches, parents who are currently preparing to buy a home have chosen a name for their son. But when the babies arrived, another surprise was in store: the triplets were in fact girls. “It was definitely a shock to have three daughters instead of a son.”

On August 24, Caitlin began to experience back pain, and until Caitlin’s water broke, they began to worry that something was wrong with the babies. On August 25, in the early hours of the morning, she gave birth to triplets after being brought to the hospital for an urgent cesarean section.

But to the amazement of the parents, all three of their newborn sons were girls. Jake said: ‘We had no idea until the moment they were born. We checked many times and every midwife said they were all boys.

When they started removing the children, I went to look after them and discovered that they were all wearing pink hats instead of blue ones. Caitlin didn’t even believe me when I told her. She needed to be persuaded by the doctors that I was telling the truth. “Jake told me and I said ‘don’t joke like that, it’s not funny! “but he’s not joking.

We don’t mind that the gender is different from what we’re informed, Jake remarked. We were very astonished, but the most important thing is that they remain healthy. Before Thea could ultimately be taken off the ventilator on September 11, the infants spent 18 days in the hospital in several cribs.

They are all developing their own personalities. Thea was very short-tempered and kept ripping off her tubes. Esmae is always smiling, and Lily is lazy – she just sleeps all day. We can say that they definitely know each other when they are together. They continued to put their hands on each other’s faces.

“I can’t wait to bring our baby home and start it myself,” Caitlin said. Diapers and feeding without all the wires. ‘

‘We’re so glad they’re home – it’s going to be a shock, but not as shocking as finding out our three boys are three girls!

“Bringing them home will certainly be a challenge, but it’s one of the things we’re ready for.”

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