Mum Gives Birth In Car With No Pain Relief Using Hypnobirthing Skills

Melissa Ayling, 34, of Geraldton, Western Australia, intended to wait as long as she could before giving birth to her second child in the hospital’s calm water. She unintentionally waited too long, and when her husband Sam drove her to the hospital, her baby had already begun to show. She ate chili and mussel pasta for her final meal before giving birth to her first son, Jarvis, who is now 4 years old, at 39 weeks.

She started having contractions at 9 a.m. but didn’t leave the hospital until 4 p.m., reasoning that she had plenty of time. She climbed into the car, where her 29-year-old husband Sam had set up a plastic bag on the passenger seat in case she went amniotic fluid bankrupt. As Melissa entered the vehicle, another wave struck her, giving her the impulse to accelerate. When she cried, “Sam! ” they were already moving. Baby’s on the way! As Sam was driving, she sat back in the passenger seat and knelt down, but when her waters broke, he had to stop the car three miles from the hospital.

‘When my baby’s head poked out, some of the driving instructors went by and they looked,’ Melissa recalled in the window and saw everything. Sam said he saw their faces and they quickly drove away.

Melissa described how Sam had to scream at the two kids to get their attention. Two kids were playing in the front garden when we drove over to the curb.Hey girl, can you instruct me to call an ambulance, my spouse yelled? My wife is going to deliver the baby.

You’ll have to pick the baby up, Melissa said her husband as she felt the baby’s head emerge, followed by its shoulders and tummy. Melissa claimed the baby began to cry and wiggle in an attempt to escape. little.’ Sam handed the infant over to his wife’s legs and delivered her newborn Lockie with the assistance of a bystander who helped Melissa remove her bikini bottoms. Fortunately, Melissa is a birth hypnotherapist and teaches techniques like deep breathing and relaxation.

“It’s quite unusual to have a baby without help and without medication – I thought Sam was pulling my baby out but it was just gravity,” Melissa revealed.

Sam had reached out and received him. I just allow my body to give birth and my mind to be calm, trust and surrender. About 30 seconds later, the ambulance arrived, paramedics put Melissa and the baby on a stretcher and took her to the hospital. Melissa stayed overnight and returned home the next day – after the car was professionally cleaned. Baby Lockie is now 8 months old and Melissa believes he has good nature when he was born calmly.

Lockie is a very happy child – he is very cognitive. He was very determined, I would say largely because of the way he was born. After giving birth, I was overjoyed and extremely happy – if you can suppress that feeling then I will. Melissa believes the experience of giving birth should be something to look forward to, not to fear. I truly believe that giving birth is something exciting – I listened to my body and was guided by it.

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