Mum, 45, Gives Birth To Her Own Twin Grandchildren So Her Gay Son Could Become A Dad

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, 45-year-old Valdira das Neves gave birth to Noah and Maria Flor, a boy and a girl. After experiencing a loss four years prior, Valdira began looking for alternate means of conceiving. She said that she “always knew” that her son Marcelo das Neves Junior, 24, was gay and that she intended to support him in pursuing his fatherhood ambitions. The couple made the decision to go out on a journey together after talking with her son about their ambitions to become parents.

The eggs from a younger donor were fertilized with Marcelo’s sperm before being implanted in his mother’s uterus. According to gynecologist Anderson Melo, the primary challenge is in the fertilization procedure since placing the embryo in the uterus is challenging. It is necessary in these situations to use an anonymous donor egg bank in addition to having a supportive belly, such as a mother, sister, aunt, cousin, daughter, or grandchild.

But after three failed attempts, she still did not give up, And luck smiled on her and her son. Valdira became pregnant in January of this year. Despite her advanced age, fortunately, her health condition and the two babies are stable, and the pregnancy passed well. She gave birth to twins at Ribeirao Preto Clinical Hospital on Tuesday, September 3. Baby Maria Flor was born 9 days early with a weight of 4lb 90z while her twin, Noah, was a bit smaller. with 4lb 8oz.

Sadly, Noah developed breathing issues and had to be transported to the pediatric unit right away. Marcelo, a 24-year-old father for the first time, reassured well-wishers that his son was okay and would join them later.

“Almost 4 years ago, my mother was pregnant with my father, but my sister was born at 7 months and died a week later,” he said.

“We chose to have my mother raise her baby, receiving an embryo fertilized by my semen and an egg from a donor,” he explains.

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