Mothers Discuss the Difficult Journey of Raising Three Beautiful Children

After a year, they discovered that Holly needed to have one of her fallopian tubes removed because she had given birth to a child with a defect, meaning that one of her fallopian tubes was closed and she was unable to become pregnant. They had decided to start trying for a child when Holly turned 34. Despite Holly’s doctor telling her that it was highly unlikely that she would become pregnant during that month since the position of the egg is in the “offset,” Holly and Jason were recommended to a reproductive endocrinologist due to Holly’s fallopian tube removal and age.

She got pregnant in February 2012. The youngster is a boy. After spending months striving to overcome their melancholy, Holly and Jason made the decision to try again and went to their fertility doctor. Through injections, she conceived a baby girl in January 2013; the pregnancy lasted for several cycles. Despite their anguish after their son’s passing, they were able to keep their optimism. At the age of four, Holly lost her daughter on May 24, 2013, owing to a genetic condition. They started fertility therapy again a few months later, but Holly wasn’t expecting this time. When Holly, then 38, was unable to conceive after several months of trying without success, they made the decision to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Her doctor estimates that she has a 50/50 chance of becoming pregnant with IVF, leaving only three multicellular embryos. Holly was anticipating triplets even though it was unlikely that more than one child would be born, so they used all three. “I am aware of the risks associated with carrying triplets and that a positive outcome is unlikely. Since having triplets raises the possibility of early birth for all three of the infants, we had to decide whether to take a chance on losing everything or end the pregnancy, she said. On June 9, 2015, she gave birth to all three of her triplets despite the fact that doctors had told them one of the triplets would need to be removed.

Savannah, Wyatt, and Beau were all born three years ago, a mere minute apart. She feels tremendous pride. Though it’s challenging, raising triplets is extremely fulfilling. I believe that being a part of a group like they are since the day they were born has been very great. Everyone exclaims that we are beyond fortunate to have three healthy miracle children.

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