Mother Of Newborn Twins Went To The Police Because She Could Not Tell Them Apart

It’s supposed that a mother can always tell her kids apart, but in Sofi Rodriguez’s case, she couldn’t. The mother acknowledged that, despite the twins’ 45-day age gap, she had to go to the police to discuss it. She wrote, “I have to go obtain their fingerprints and tell them who is which. The 24-year-old continued, “I earned the mother of the year award. Sofi posted several images of the kids on Twitter, claiming that while they appeared different in the images “because they came from a different angle or received different light,” they were “the same in real life” and that “He needs to record it” for further analysis so we can follow their medical history.

When one of the kids’ identification rings was no longer on, confusion ensued. One evening, the mother claimed, she saw the leash was getting tighter around one of the twins’ legs and made the decision to remove it. We discovered the strap was too tiny for him one night, approximately 10 days ago, and it was tight on his leg, so we cut it off. Valentin and Lorenzo’s mother remarked, “I took it off expecting that the next day I would know which one was which, but no. The mother called the police for assistance and tried to have the kids’ fingerprints taken, but this also failed because they weren’t in the system.

“We collected their fingerprints, but the system didn’t have them. The girl said, “We still don’t know who it is. Currently, parents are unable to distinguish between their children since they have vaccinated them and it appears that they have “twice vaccinated the same child. They perform all the tests, but they do not provide names since we are unsure of which, “She spoke.

Tens of thousands of tweets and thousands of comments were sent in response to the woman’s tweet on Twitter, which received a big response. Some of the answers were amusing, advising the woman to rename them “as if to reset them” because they were so small.

In order to avoid a repeat of the incident, Sofi also sought guidance from other twin parents. One mother said, “I painted one of its toenails so you can tell them different. “I gave them weight-based names from the minute they were born and gave them clinic identifying bands until I replaced them with silver bracelets inscribed with their names. Another person added, “That worked well for me.

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