Mother Has Four Babies In Nine Months After Triplets Were Conceived Weeks After Birth Of Her Son

Ms Ward, 29, said: ‘Sometimes I feel more like running a nursery than a home, but we feel so lucky. But that’s just the beginning of new mom Sarah Ward’s to-do list. She gave birth to four babies over a nine-month period – despite fearing that she would never conceive. Her son Freddie was nine months old when she gave birth to triplets, now 19 weeks, in March. All are naturally formed.

Making 80 milk bottles a week and changing 175 diapers is no little task. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the former care manager and her partner, postal worker Benn Smith, 31, were worn out. I was astonished to learn I was expecting so soon. We were astonished to learn that they were triplets. Sometimes it’s utter chaos, but we simply laugh and get trapped.

Ms. Ward was going to visit her doctor for a checkup after trying to conceive for more than a year when she became pregnant with Freddie. The couple did not use any form of contraception after the boy was delivered in June of last year.

We want at least two children, Ms. Ward stated. We anticipate it will take as long as Freddie did, if not longer. In actuality, she discovered she was pregnant only 8 weeks after Freddie was born.

When we were 12 weeks pregnant during our ultrasound, we asked the doctor how many babies we had in our belly. When she replied that I now have three babies, I almost fell off the bed in surprise. We were all silent as she pointed at the ultrasound screen, there were three tiny embryos there.

When I discovered they would be born before Freddie turned a year old, I just broke down in tears. The couple, who are from Crayford in south-east London, have been advised to undergo a selective abortion, which involves aborting one child in order to improve the chances of survival for the other two. again.

At 33 weeks, one of the kids displayed danger indications, necessitating an urgent cesarean procedure from Medway Hospital in Kent’s surgeons. Reggie was the second child to be born, weighing 4 pounds 7 ounces, and Daisy’s sister, weighing 3 pounds 14 ounces.

I can’t believe they keep passing hands to all these youngsters, Ms. Ward exclaimed. I was taken aback when we saw all three of them together in their incubator. Finally permitted to return home last month, the trio.

Then it returns to the laundry room to go through all the clothing and wash the bottles for the following day. Because so many people pause and inquire as to if they are all mine, the short trip to the store can take hours. When I said yes, they found it hard to believe.

It took two hours to prepare to leave the house but we didn’t focus on the hard work. I love babies so I feel like the luckiest mother in the world.

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